About Us


Australind Swimming Club is based at the Leschenault Leisure Centre in Australind, Western Australia.

We have four coaches who provide training on a weekly basis all year round.

We promote a club culture that helps swimmers achieve the best of their ability whilst having fun, enjoying a sport that they can continue to participate in at all ages.

New members

New swimmers are always welcome.

Please submit the ASC Try Out Request Form and we will be in touch.


Long course – This season runs from October to April. Competition events are held in a 50m, long-course pool

Short course – This season runs from May to September. Competition events are held in a 25m, short-course pool.

Annual registration for Australind Swimming Club occurs in October. This includes registration with Swimming Australia. Swimmers can choose to register for both Long Course and Short Course seasons, or select to sign up for just one season.

New swimmers are welcome to join the club at any stage throughout the year.


As well as paying an annual registration fee, swimmers will pay a monthly squad fee to cover pool bookings and club administration. The monthly fee is different for each squad. 

Please note that annual registration and squad fees do not cover pool entry fees. This fee is charged by the Leschenault Leisure Centre upon entry. Swimmers are encouraged to purchase LLC membership to help minimise costs.


Squad and session times change with each new season.  A new swimmer to the club will be assessed by the coaches and assigned to the most suitable squad for their ability.

Race Nights

All club members are invited to participate in Race Nights. This provides the opportunity for swimmers from all squads to interact. It gives new swimmers the chance to practice their new found skills in racing in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  Race Nights are held regularly throughout the year.

Race Nights also provide an opportunity for all the parents and guardians to meet, form new friendships and socialise at dinners held after the events.

Race Nights are all about trying to best your time from the meet before.

Swimming WA Competitions

Swimming WA sanctioned competitions are held in Perth and the Southwest region on weekends throughout the year. Swimmers over 8 years of age are encouraged to participate at Target meets, selected by the coaches at the beginning of each season..

ASC’s Winning Country Pennants Team – Feb 2020

Updated April 2023