ASC Target Meets

Australind Swimming Club coaches together with the committee review the upcoming meets for the season ahead and decide which meets to target as a club.

As we are a competitive swimming club, it is the expectation of the club that all swimmers attend Target meets and represent our club.  Coaches will be in attendance at target meets to support our swimmers. Swimmer entries into meets must be discussed with the coach prior to registering.

Swimmers intending to nominate for the Country Pennants squad have until (and including) Country Championships to obtain their fastest time for the season which will determine the squad.

Target Meets for the 2021 Short Course Season are as follows:

  • Qual Meet – 29th-30th May 2021 (non target meet)
  • SLD Meet – 19th June 2021
  • Albany Meet – 3-4th July 2021
  • Perth City – 18th July 2021
  • South Shore Sprint – 8th August 2021
  • GKSC Meet – 29th August 2021

Please note that swimmers are welcome to enter other meets scheduled throughout the season, however the club can not guarantee that a coach will be in attendance.

If you have any questions about the upcoming season and the target meets please feel free to contact us.