Annual Membership Fees for Australind Swimming Club and Swimming WA inclusive, due annually in October via Swimming WA online registration page.

  • Annual Member (9yrs & over) $225**
  • Junior Member (8yrs) $165**
  • Junior Dolphin (Squad Swimmer 7yrs & Under) $100**

**Note: The above quoted fees are based on the first member of a family registered. Australind Swimming Club have a tiered membership as follows.

  •  1st Swimmer in a family is $100pa,
  • 2nd& 3rd Swimmer in a family is $75pa each (25% discount of full fee)
  • 4th Swimmer and thereafter free

Monthly Squad Fees  Due by 10th of each month via direct debit.

  • $100 – Platinum Squad (COACH Taarna)
  • $70 – Gold Squad (COACH Taarna)
  • $55 – Silver Squad (COACH David)
  • $55 – Bronze Squad (COACH Shane)
  • $40 – Flippers Squad (COACH Kasey)

Junior Dolphins

  • $44 per term (COACH Rebekah)

This program is run during school term based on a 9 week cycle. Payment via direct debit due by 1st Saturday of Term. This program will look to resume in Term 3.

NB: Fees are subject to change by the committee. All families will be given 1 months’ notice of fee changes.