The Club

Australind Swimming Club is based at the Leschenault Leisure Centre and provides training on a weekly basis through the swimming season.


  • Short Coarse
  • Registration Dates are advertised in newsletters, the local South West Papers and on the Club Board at the Leschenault Leisure Centre.
  • Information is also provided to local schools in the area.


  • Fees are revised at the beginning of each season as they are based on insurances charged by Swimming WA.

Lane Fees:

  • These are fees charged to the Club by the Leschenault Leisure Centre.
  • Each swimmer will be charged their share of lane fees.
  • These fees will be charged on a term basis and are to be paid to the Club regardless of non-attendance, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Club.

Pool Entry Fee

  • This fee is charged by the Centre upon swimmers entering the pool for training sessions and is not the responsibility of the Club.


  • swimmers are assessed as to their current swimming capabilities and are put into training squads that suit those capabilities – junior/intermediate/senior.
  • training sessions are currently offered to all swimmers on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri afternoon and set mornings for senior swimmers.
  • training is provided by qualified licensed coaches through Swimming WA and who are also registered with ASCTA (Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association).

Time Trials

  • as Australind Swimming Club is a competitive swimming Club, Friday evenings is Time Trial nights.
  • swimmers are encouraged to nominate for swims that are set out in the program and compete to practice the skills and techniques they have learnt during their training and to work on improving their personal best times

Time Trial Dinner

  • as part of the social aspect of the Club families are encouraged to join each other after Time Trials for a barbecue dinner and a chat


  • As with all Clubs fundraising is an important part of survival and helping to keep costs to a minimum
  • All members are encouraged to support any fundraising events which may be organized by the Club
  • Meat tray raffles are Monthly in Winter and Fortnightly at Treendale Farm Hotel.
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle when available.


  • during the season there is a regular newsletter which keeps members up to date on what is happening within the Club


  • Competitions are run in Perth and throughout the regional areas on weekends throughout the year. Swimming WA website provides a calendar of these events and club target meets are on trhe events calendar of the GWDSC website.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to attend ‘Away Competition’s’ as part of their regime to utilize the skills and techniques learnt during training and to improve their personal best times and competition ability
  • Swimmers are able to attend as an individual generally with other members of the club attending also
  • There are currently two Club events which are based on selection criteria. B Premiership which is held in Perth and Country Pennants which is the ‘country week’ of swimming and is held in a regional centre in Western Australia.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to work on skills, techniques, times and commitment to be eligible for selection for these events.